as white as snow~

They say, beauty is only skin deep.

Well, indeed, it’s all about the skin!

I like fair skin, such like Snow White’s. Nothing is more beautiful than soft, snowy skin.

I’ve nothing against tanned skin– the allure of the sunkissed glow… But with a good tan also comes the problem of photoaging, such as wrinkles, pigmentations, etc. So if I had to choose a side, let it be the light side. 😀

A good sunblock can keep the skin really fair. I use one with SPF of 60+. You should use a sunblock in the day even if you plan to stay indoors, because there are always ambient UV rays around as long as it’s daytime. Also helps that my sunblock is actually white, so it makes the skin look fairer, even though that’s artificial. :p

Staying indoors help a lot, and using an umbrella and sunglasses with UV protection will keep out harmful UV rays as much as possible.

I’ve also been trying skin whitening pills such as White Beaute, to lighten up a tone or two. These are usually high in Vitamin C, to inhibit melanin production. My friends have told me I’ve been looking fairer recently, so I guess it works!


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

Beauty Guru 美容医師 Beauty Queen & Model
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