In a love-hate relationship with the sun

I love the warmth of sunshine… but only as far as it makes food for the inhabitants of earth via photosynthesis. Perhaps I take it for granted in hot & sunny Singapore, but what UV rays does to the skin is summarily– *ugh*! Ageing, pigmentation, wrinkles, even malignancy– just to name a few. :S

Do not underestimate what consistent use of a good sunblock does to protect your skin!

A good sunblock should have an SPF of at least 15, but at that level, you need to keep reapplying it or it won’t last you the whole day. So go for one with an SPF of 35 and above. Many sunblocks with high SPF are comedogenic and can leave a thick & uncomfortable film on the skin, leaving you feeling hot and sticky. Very unforgiving in a climate like Singapore’s. I’ve tried a few myself, e.g. Avene’s, Banana Boat, etc. and found problems with comedonal formation and dermal irritation… until I discovered tinted sunblock by Therapeutic Dermatological Formula. It has an SPF of 50+ but yet almost feels like there’s nothing there! What’s more, because it’s also tinted, so it gives some form of blemish coverage as well. My skin looks fair and it also looks great in my big black frames! 🙂


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