Tiffiny’s own beauty mantra

Here’s my  mantra for maintaining healthy glowing beauty. These are the principles of daily lifestyle that I swear by to stay healthy and beautiful!

1. A balanced diet
Surely, what you eat is what you are!
-Avoid fried, oily stuffs– they’re one of the perpetrators of big fat zits and big fat waistlines!
-Stock up on loads of antioxidants e.g. Vitamin C, E and others… found in fruits & veggies. I especially love mangoes and apples.
-Bare minimum of carbs, especially since they go straight to the hips and thighs after a certain age!

To be honest, I am quite a foodie and enjoy lotsa different cuisines too. So I guess all in all, moderation is the most reasonable course.

2. LOTS of fluids
-Keeps the body well-hydrated… it shows in your skin and lips! Especially in hot climates like Singapore’s, we really need those 8 glasses a day!

Especially at work, try to keep a water source nearby for a swig every now and then. We tend to forget we’re thirsty or we’re too lazy to get the drink we need, when we’re so absorbed and engrossed in work!

3. Adequate exercise
-The only way to balance output with input and look fit and toned the healthy way! Admittedly the hardest of the lot, I must say, considering  there are so many instant and more time-saving ways nowadays. =D

4. Plenty of sleep
-Nothing like beauty sleep to be refreshed and radiant! I try to hit 8 hours a day… sometimes even 12! There’s a very visible difference between well-rested skin and skin that has gone through tired hours of sleeplessness and overwork. I used to work overnight hours and I felt I aged a few years in just a couple of months. (No wonder people always expect doctors to look old!) That aside, Jon always comments how radiant and nice my skin looks after a good long sleep. Trust me, go ahead and take a snooze.

5. No smoking
-Ugh, this is a crime for beauty queens wannabes! It yellows the teeth, stains the fingers, leaves an odious stale smell and ages the skin faster! Plus, there’re so many ill effects on the health that I can think of, that it’s just not worth it.

6. Perfect skincare regime

– Your wash must be suitable for your skin type– not too strong, not too mild. I personally discourage the use of scrubs as they cause too much mechanical damage and thins the skin. I once suffered from using too much scrubs– I developed telangiectasia on my face and my skin became papery thin. Horrid. It was then that I realised I was overusing my facial scrub. Not advisable indeed!

– A toner as a stringent if necessary.

– Any treatment you require, as prescribed to you by your skincare physician.

– Sun protection is vital to keeping skin youthful! It’s a long term investment– you don’t see the returns until years down the road, but you’ll be grateful you did! Whether it’s sunblock or a wide rimmed hat or simply staying indoors as much as possible, keep out the harmful UV rays!

– Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Dry skin wrinkles faster than well-hydrated skin!


About Tiffiny Yang 楊靜婷

Beauty Guru 美容医師 Beauty Queen & Model
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