Good skin complexion is everything!

I truly do enjoy my line of work. There’re a lot of amazing things one can do to improve one’s looks with minimal pain and downtime!! And it pays to do something I’m keenly interested in too. 🙂

I’ve been trying out facial photo-rejuvenation with the QSNDY laser. I’ve always had these irritating freckles and sun spots on my face that I’ve always wanted to get rid of. On my 3rd session so far and I was so impressed that they cleared out fast, especially on my right cheek. (I think my left side’s more sun damaged and resilient to treatment because I drive a lot, so it is taking a longer time– but I have faith… I’ll aim for 10 sessions and review my own results!)

On top of that, I find my skin has become smoother after only 3 sessions of the laser treatment. Facial creams go on much easier. My colleague told me it can reduce some of the fine lines and pores as well– let’s see about that! I find I have become more confident leaving the house without makeup on and still looking good naturally. 😛 It’s wonderful how just having better skin can improve the entire person so dramatically. One of my patients told me that all the beauty she really wants is good skin– good enough to go out on the streets confidently without much makeup– and she’d be very happy.

Going for 4th session today!

I only need concealer for my dark eye circles… I wish I knew of an effective treatment for dark eye circles! I’m trying out the QSNDY on them. The theory is that the dark eye circles are a result of many fine capillaries and deposition of hemosiderin under very thin and delicate skin around the eyes. QSNDY can thicken the skin and camouflage it slightly– but this is anecdotal. Success rate isn’t high, at about 30-40%.

What the heck, I’ll be a guinea pig and perhaps it’ll work very well for me. 😀


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