Nose Threadlift – an educational post

Nose Threadlift is growing in popularity in the enhancement of Asian noses. This is not at all surprising since it has its advantages over Nose Filler, such as:

  1. Giving greater definition to the bridge while still looking natural,
  2. Straightening the nose bridge in some cases,
  3. Creating a higher nose bridge,
  4. Lifting the tip to make it sharper in a way nose tip filler cannot do,
  5. Reducing the nose tip ala for a smaller looking nose tip.

Yes indeed, it is amazing what the Nose Threadlift can do that a Nose Filler may not be able to achieve.

The Nose Threadlift procedure is certainly growing in demand due to the limitations of nose filler augmentation. If you are wondering how it is done, here is a detailed and comprehensive description of the procedure and results!


What is Nose Threadlift?

The threads used for the Nose Threadlift procedure are called PDO (polydixanone) threads. The PDO threads have been scientifically proven to be fully absorbed by the body after some time. As the PDO threads dissolve over time, they create new collagen, and tissue fibroblasts in the skin, which results in tighter skin, hence enhancing the nose’s definition and contour.

This is what the threads look like:

Notice the cogs on the thread for an effective lift?

In addition, once inserted, the Nose Threadlift act as a scaffolding structure which immediately helps to contour, give definition, sharpen, lift and or shape the nose as desired without surgery.

If you want to have a higher and straighter nose without invasive nose implant surgery or the risks of Nose Filler, Nose Threadlift may be your answer.

How to do a Nose Threadlift? How is the Nose Threadlift done?

we will be showing you how a nose threadlift is done at Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics

We will be showing you how a nose threadlift is done at Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery

The process of Nose Threadlift is actually a simple one and can be completed in under 15 minutes. It is relatively painless, especially since numbing cream and local anesthesia is always used for every Nose Threadlift procedure.

The specifics of the Nose Threadlift procedure may vary between doctors, as skill and perception differs. We have studied all the possible applications of the Nose Threadlift and found the most effective one for the best results before recommending it to all our clients.

We give a brief description below on how the procedure is easily executed:

Step 1: the ideal point for placing the Nose Threadlift is located and marked. This is vital for placement of the Nose Threadlift for best results.

how to do a nose threadlift

Step 2: local anesthesia quickly numbs the entire nose area in preparation for the Nose Threadlift treatment.

how to do a nose threadlift

Step 3: a small injection is placed at the correct point on the nose before insertion of the Nose Threadlift.

how to do a nose threadlift

Only 1 tiny injection point at the tip of the nose is required for the entire treatment procedure.

Step 4: The threads are placed horizontally into the nose bridge and vertically into the nose tip. The procedure is now painless because of the anesthesia and is over in under 15 minutes.

how nose threadlift is done


Result: the bridge is enhanced and higher; the tip is smaller and sharper in appearance, without much downtime.😉




How long does the Nose Threadlift last?

The results of the Nose Threadlift generally last from 1 to 2 years.

It should be noted that there is a partial effect that is semi-permanent. This is because the Nose Threadlift creates new collagen within the skin and tightens the skin as time goes by.

For best results, 1 repeat treatment at 6 to 12 months is highly recommended.

As to the number of threads required for optimal results, it depends greatly from one individual to the other. The optimal number of threads will be advised by our doctors after consultation.

What are the possible side effects of Nose Threadlift?

There is very little side effect and almost no downtime at all, since it only involves a single injection site at the tip of the nose.

As compared to Nose Filler, migration or broadening is far less common and risk of lumps almost nil. Some discomfort is expected for the following week, just like in a Nose Filler, but it mostly resolves within a fortnight.

The risk for infection with any implantation procedure is present, albeit low. Care with sterility during the procedure is of utmost importance to avoid infection, as well as after care – please do not apply makeup or facial products on the treated area until at least 3 hours after the procedure.

Does the type of Nose Threads used matter?

It certainly does!

Apart from the doctor’s skill, the results of a Nose Threadlift procedure is also much dependent on the type of threads used.

A lot of threads currently in use today are short and smooth mono threads, which gives no or minimal results because they are too thin and smooth and therefore are unable to provide sufficient scaffolding to lift the nose sufficiently. On the other hand, threads that are too thick are more likely to cause scarring.

On the other hand, the screw cog nose threads used by us are different from usual threads because the screw cog nose threads are peppered with cogs, maximizing the scaffolding, lifting, and contouring effect of the nose. Only 1 treatment session is required to see visible good results with little downtime or side effects, as compared to repeated treatments required for other types of threads, therefore minimizing pain, time and cost.

Why do some Nose Threadlift not give sufficient result?

Short thin threads do not give a good result, if at all, and you may very well be wasting your time and money. Threads that are too thick can leave a scar at the injection point. Threads with the correct type of cog gives the best lift and effect for the nose bridge and tip. One must choose wisely.😉

If you have attempted Nose Threadlift before but does not think the results good at all, it is likely due to any of the below:

  1. Wrong type of Nose Threads used
  2. Wrong number of Nose Threads placed
  3. Wrong technique of placement of Nose Threads to maximize its potential lifting effect.

This is what the threads should look like. Notice the cogs along the length of the threads, which are necessary for the lifting effect:

nose threadlift

The right thickness and the presence of cogs are essential to an effective nose threadlift. Otherwise, the procedure only acts to firm up the skin of the nose, rather than give a lifting effect.

Is the Nose Threadlift procedure suitable for men too?

Nose Threadlift is a very good option for nose augmentation in men, especially in conjunction with Nose Filler, to give a high and defined result. As males tend to be bigger in build, the number of threads required may be more, as compared to an average female.

This procedure can be done for both men and women with good result of nose bridge lifting and nose tip sharpening.

How many sessions are required to achieve a good result?

Only one session is required! The results are dependent on the type and number of threads used rather than on the number of sessions. As long as sufficient of the right type of threads are used, the results will be visible right after a single procedure.

Which to choose: Nose Filler or Nose Threadlift?

This depends very much on your objective and desired nose appearance. For nose bridge height adjustment, filler is still the better option; whereas for creating definition and contouring, threadlift is the choice.*

Better still, combine both the nose filler with the nose threadlift for a full and complete nose makeover – if dramatic is what you are looking for. For a sharper, smaller looking nose tip, I also highly recommend a combination of both nose filler and nose threadlift.

This latest innovation in beauty medicine is fasting gaining ground in South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore because it is proving to be a viable alternative to other methods of nose augmentation – and in some cases, the better choice. It is certainly an option to consider, apart from nose filler augmentation or nose implant rhinoplasty, due to the low risks and good results!




For more information, you may visit this website:

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yacht event with vacheron constantin

When life gets a little mundane, get out to breathe some salty sea air~

tiffiny yang & hubby at yacht party by vacheron constantin

Great start to a relaxing time: grab a champagne!

tiffiny yang & hubby

vacheron constantin

What we came to admire: the Overseas collection by Vacheron Constantin. I thought the diamond studded ladies’ watch was cute. Jon mused at the Overseas perpetual calendar in white gold – a whooping SGD 140,000.

They say Vacheron Constantin is one of the holy trio of watch brands including Patek Philippe and Jaeger LeCoultre, so certainly worth the second look, but the resale value is not as high. (Too bad I ain’t too much of a watch connoisseur either!)

My only gripe: like all French cocktail parties, there were only canapes and small bites. Left me as hungry as a bear at disembarking.😦

luggage tag with my initials!

Door gift: genuine leather luggage tag with my initials! Made and personalised by Mont Blanc for every guest present. Awesome.😀

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trainer week at AAAM~

Long week for me as assistant trainer to Dr Marcelo Suarez from Chicago and Dr Mucio Porto from Brazil at AAAM on Thursday and Friday!

dr tiffiny yang

tiffiny yang

ongoing training at AAAM

Earnestly guided the Level 1 delegates through the basics of botox and filler injections – some of the blur faces kinda reminded me of what I also went through what must be like a decade ago!

tiffiny yang with dr marcelo suarez and dr mucio porto

as trainer with Dr Marcelo Suarez and Dr Mucio Porto

tiffiny yang

aaam delegates and trainers

with AAAM delegates after the training session

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Birkin lady or Kelly babe?

I have long observed my clientele toting their legendary Birkins and equally elusive Kellys to draw a certain conclusion: you are either a Birkin type of lady or a Kelly type of babe; there is seldom much overlap.

Insofar as I have noted of my patient populace, a lady who carries the charming Birkin almost always seem to carry only Birkins during her visits and the babe who slings the pretty Kelly almost always bring only Kellys whenever we meet. Perhaps they have one (or a few) of the sister bag sitting well-preserved in their walk-in wardrobe back home, but the default preference is always to bring the type that she has a penchant for.

According to what I have researched (by reading online, really), the Birkin was created to be an elegant weekend bag, great for its convenience and ease of use, while at the same time looking fine and classy. The Kelly is supposedly suitable for business luncheons, formal meetings and events, giving a flair of sophistication and an awfully polished look. Both are equally painful to obtain from the actual Hermes store, which has consequently created a cult following of the high and mighty Birkin/Kelly bags.

So I have been wondering: what makes one a Birkin lady or a Kelly babe?

It is possible that those who prefer the Birkin tend to be more mature, experienced with the ways of the world, enjoy the practical and the tasteful at the same time. And those who lean towards the Kelly may tend to be more girly, perhaps even princessy, and prioritise elegance and a pristine image above convenience or practicality. This is an observation, at least, in my local context.

the birkin

That’s not to say, of course, that the Birkin lady cannot also occasionally be a Kelly babe and vice versa. You may observe that even if the Birkin lady happens to use a Kelly, she wears it like a Birkin. Nonetheless, there are hordes of people who own hordes of both and do not care less which they use – this post is not to decide that for you.

No question what type I probably am.🙂

tiffiny yang

For everyone who actually comprehend what I am writing here, to add to the frivolity of this chatter…

the himalayan blanc croc birkin

THE himalayan blanc croc birkin… isn’t this the dream???😀

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review on Hakkasan Hanway Place, London

Hakkasan is a Michelin star award winning restaurant offering Cantonese cuisine, with the brand initially debuting as an upscale, modern Chinese restaurant in the West End of London, England, at Hanway Place. We decided to visit when we were in London, June 2016!

hakkasan sign

hakkasan hanway place

entrance to hakkasan restaurant

all the receptionists wore the same matt blue dress.

all the receptionists wore the same matt blue dress, whereas all the waitresses wore the same matt red dress.

hakkasan hanway place

we were sitting right here!

The maitre’d was very friendly, even took note of the special requests we placed in when Centurion called to reserve a place for us. ^_^”’

jonathan yang

Being our first time, we tried the signature menu which serves most of their famous dishes. I must say the signature dishes are worthy of their reputation indeed.

Please read the captions to know what the dishes are!

salt and pepper squid

Rather common appetiser but yummy nonetheless.

the famous dim sum platter: har hau, scallop siew mai, Chinese chive dumpling, duck and yam bean dumpling

Their famous dim sum platter! However, I found it to be only so-so. I think the dim sum you can find in Hong Kong is definitely more interesting.

Roast chicken in satay sauce

spicy prawn with lily bulb and almond… it is essentially curry prawn, but very non spicy to suit the local taste.

Both of the above: five star in taste and presentation too! I will rate these 2 dishes my top favourites that night, possibly because they are more akin to Nanyang dishes that remind me of home. Others may beg to differ if they come from other cultures.😀

pan fried silver cod

stir fry black pepper rib eye beef with merlot; this is a popular dish in Chinese restaurants nowadays.

There are food trends that waxes and wanes. This style of stir fry black pepper beef (with the rice cone) is trending in Hong Kong too, right now. This is currently one of my favourites — I need to consume more beef to replenish my iron stores after my pregnancies.😀


Of course, standard seasonal vegetables and my son’s favourite egg fried rice. We also added the truffle caviar home made jade tofu, with morel, bamboo pith and ginkgo nut… but it wasn’t that yummy and we regretted this choice.

I’m also rather surprised how easy it was to find egg fried rice in London – it was available almost everywhere.😀


Desserts to finish the meal: bitter chocolate cake with raspberry ice cream & lemon meringue with vanilla ice cream! Exquisite taste and maximum freshness. Six star!! Sweet finish to an enjoyable dinner.

tiffiny yangMy advice: stick to the signature recommendations and you can’t go wrong.


xoxo, Tiffiny





By the way, Singapore just launched the Michelin guide for local restaurants! The only 3 star restaurant: Joel Robuchon, French contemporary cuisine. Gotta try it soon!😀

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We have moved to Orchard Building #12-02!

This is the day we are glad indeed! We have moved to Orchard Building, #12-02, 1 Grange Road, S239693 (above H&M fashion store).

We are very delighted with our swanky new place – check it out!😀

tiffiny yang aesthetics & surgery

tiffiny yang aesthetics & surgery

reception desk

tiffiny yang aesthetics & surgery tiffiny yang aesthetics & surgery

tiffiny yang aesthetics & surgery

Tiffiny Yang’s

tiffiny yang aesthetics & surgery


And it’s business as usual from 15 July 2016! Thank you all for your patronage.🙂

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In the mood for an inextricably short skirt today…

tiffiny yang

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Photograph by Ed Sheeran

This song “Photograph” has been playing over and over again on cable news recently for controversy, but it is so catchy that it is now playing over and over in my head as my new fave jingle.😀

The Independent wrote that the writer “Ed Sheeran is being sued for $20m (£13.8m) for allegedly ripping off a song by 2010 X Factor winner Matt Cardle.

The chart-topping singer-songwriter is accused of “verbatim, note-for-note copying” for his number one ballad “Photograph”, which Cardle’s songwriters Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard say steals from their track “Amazing”.

Apparently, the original song didn’t make it past 50,000 sales but this un-original version made the UK billboards for consecutive weeks. Well, time and chance happens to us all, doesn’t it? It’s just like how Friendster saw a tragic demise, whereas Facebook made billions for its maker – I mean, aren’t they almost the same thing??😀

Here’s the song for you to enjoy:

The MTV so touched me because it reminds me so much of my own dear babes. The song’s strains echoes my heart one day when they are all grown, become their own man and strike out on their own – even then, I probably won’t be able to let them go. Hopefully they can keep me “in the pocket of their ripped jeans” and whisper to me to wait for them to come home. You won’t ever be alone..

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caught in the nude!

nude is in!

Kim Kardashian in a nude body tight dress~

Nude seems to be the in thing now – celebrities parading around in colours that leave little to imagination and Christian Louboutin is perpetually sold out of nudes.

tiffiny yang

at Hermes private opening event with Kellyn last Thurs~🙂

Check out my lovely new Christian Louboutins in nude!!! Am loving how they look like they disappear and make my legs look loooonger. (Bought mine in Hong Kong – couldn’t find them in SG.)😀

tiffiny + kellyn

Here’s to us!😉

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Review: Peninsula Hotel, Spring Moon Restaurant, T’ang Court Restaurant

Was back in Hong Kong again (it’s like my second home!) in February 2016 for another threadlift session by AAAM. I was there on Dr Rhee’s invitation, as his assistant trainer to the delegates! It was nice helping the delegates get the hang of it.

AAAM threadlift workshop

AAAM threadlift workshop

tiffiny yang

my outfit for the day

All work and no play makes Tiffy a dull girl – so, unabashedly, work was only (a small) part of the trip.😉

We stayed at the Peninsula hotel. As part of Centurion membership benefits, we got a free upgrade to junior suite! And it was luxurious

peninsula hotel, hong kong

this is the view from the sky garden at peninsula hotel, hong kong

this is the view from the sky garden at peninsula hotel, hong kong

Clockwise from top right: hot tea waiting for us, living room, 55 inch tv, study

Clockwise from top right: hot tea waiting for us, living room, 55 inch tv, study

bedroom with a couch for lazing around

bedroom with a couch for lazing around

walk in dressing room, complete with valet box and dressing table.

walk in dressing room, complete with valet box and dedicated dressing table.

posh bathroom, with shower area, toilet area and tv in bathtub; full amenities.

full marble bathroom, with shower area, toilet area and tv in bathtub; 2x wash basins for him and for her, as well as comprehensive amenities.

Have you ever seen a scissors provided for by a hotel??

Have you ever seen a scissors provided for as part of the common amenities by any hotel??

Felt so at home, that I almost didn’t wanna go home.😀 Also as part of Centurion membership benefits, the hotel gave HKD 2340 credit to spend on anything we wanted in the hotel, so we splurged it on the Spring Moon Restaurant, Peninsula Hotel and I went for a Balinese massage in the hotel spa.

Peninsula hotel spa… Balinese massage with a view of the harbor.

Peninsula hotel spa… Balinese massage with a view of the harbor; served with free flow hot ginger & lemongrass tea. There were cool and heated jacuzzis, 3 saunas, resting rooms with a view and lots of Evian water bottles.

Note: Only the yummiest dishes at Spring Moon restaurant, Peninsula Hotel are recommended below.

Above: Steamed chicken rolls with abalone, fish maw and black mushrooms; below: baked barbecued pork puffs

Above: Steamed chicken rolls with abalone, fish maw and black mushrooms. Below: Baked barbecued pork puffs.

Star dish: Deluxe dumpling with abalone in supreme soup.

Star dish: steamed Sicilian shrimp and minced pork dumpling

Star dish: Deluxe dumpling with abalone in supreme soup.

Star dish: Deluxe dumpling with abalone in supreme soup. This is actually my favourite! If you break the dumpling within the soup, the contents flow out to mix with the broth and make each mouthful rich and savoury.

Wagyu beef stir fried in black pepper sauce and red capsicum with rice pops. Surprisingly yummy with a very interesting improved taste of the usual black pepper beef.

Wagyu beef stir fried in black pepper sauce and red capsicum with crunchy rice pops. Surprisingly yummy with a very interesting improved taste of the usual black pepper beef.

The next night, we visited T’ang Court at Langham Hotel, Hong Kong. It was just upgraded from 2-star to 3-star Michelin this year and the place was since fully booked. We used to be able to get a reservation easily until this time – we had to twist their arm to give us a table and we could not be on waiting list since our visit was so short.

T'ang Court, Langham Hotel

Complimentary appetizer before dinner

Complimentary appetizer before dinner

Executive Chef Kwong's recommendation: Steamed egg white with Alaskan crab meat, bird's nest and minced Yunnam ham.

Executive Chef Kwong’s recommendation: Steamed egg white with Alaskan crab meat, bird’s nest and minced Yunnam ham.

The egg white is hidden below the sweet broth that covers it and in the centre, a heap of bird’s nest topped with juicy crab meat. Heavenly taste. I strongly recommend you to try this one.

Baked seafood rice with cream sauce in crab shell

Baked seafood rice with cream sauce in crab shell… yup, fried rice in a whole crab shell.

Tang Court's Award Winning DIshes: Stir fried fresh lobster with spring onions, red onions and shallots.

T’ang Court’s Award Winning Dishes: Stir fried fresh lobster with spring onions, red onions and shallots.

This one takes the cake, surely. It won the Best of the Best Culinary Award – Gold with Distinction Award at Bonnaire, Variance Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Brut, Champagne, France. When the dish was served, we were immediately wow-ed by the fragrance wafting from it and still smelt of it even after we have left the restaurant. The taste of it was no less impressive. That is, if you are not offended by the copious amounts of Chinese parsley in this dish, like Jonathan was.😀 To me, it is certainly the most memorable dish I have ever laid tongue on.

Tang Court's Award Winning Dishes: Sauteed prawns and crab roe accompanied with golden-fried pork and crab meat puffs.

T’ang Court’s Award Winning Dishes: Sauteed prawns and crab roe accompanied with golden-fried pork and crab meat puffs.

Even though this one was also the other award winning dish, it seemed only so-so. Not much to comment about it. Heh…

Overall, we were very impressed with the dining experience at T’ang Court this visit. If you are visiting T’ang Court in the next few months, the award winning stir-fried lobster dish and the egg white with crab meat & bird’s nest dish are must-try! They change the menu all the time, so be sure to catch it before it goes.🙂

Cheers! xoxo, Tiffiny
tiffiny yang

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