Nose Threadlift – an educational post

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Nose Threadlift is growing in popularity in the enhancement of Asian noses. This is not at all surprising since it has its advantages over Nose Filler, such as:

  1. Giving greater definition to the bridge while still looking natural,
  2. Straightening the nose bridge in some cases,
  3. Creating a higher nose bridge,
  4. Lifting the tip to make it sharper in a way nose tip filler cannot do,
  5. Reducing the nose tip ala for a smaller looking nose tip.

Yes indeed, it is amazing what the Nose Threadlift can do that a Nose Filler may not be able to achieve.

The Nose Threadlift procedure is certainly growing in demand due to the limitations of nose filler augmentation. If you are wondering how it is done, here is a detailed and comprehensive description of the procedure and results!


What is Nose Threadlift?

The threads used for the Nose Threadlift procedure are called PDO (polydixanone) threads. The PDO threads have been scientifically proven to be fully absorbed by the body after some time. As the PDO threads dissolve over time, they create new collagen, and tissue fibroblasts in the skin, which results in tighter skin, hence enhancing the nose’s definition and contour.

This is what the threads look like:

Notice the cogs on the thread for an effective lift?

In addition, once inserted, the Nose Threadlift act as a scaffolding structure which immediately helps to contour, give definition, sharpen, lift and or shape the nose as desired without surgery.

If you want to have a higher and straighter nose without invasive nose implant surgery or the risks of Nose Filler, Nose Threadlift may be your answer.

How to do a Nose Threadlift? How is the Nose Threadlift done?

we will be showing you how a nose threadlift is done at Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics

We will be showing you how a nose threadlift is done.

The process of Nose Threadlift is actually a simple one and can be completed in under 15 minutes. It is relatively painless, especially since numbing cream and local anesthesia is always used for every Nose Threadlift procedure.

The specifics of the Nose Threadlift procedure may vary between doctors, as skill and perception differs. We have studied all the possible applications of the Nose Threadlift and found the most effective one for the best results before recommending it to all our clients.

We give a brief description below on how the procedure is easily executed:

Step 1: the ideal point for placing the Nose Threadlift is located and marked. This is vital for placement of the Nose Threadlift for best results.

how to do a nose threadlift

Step 2: local anesthesia quickly numbs the entire nose area in preparation for the Nose Threadlift treatment.

how to do a nose threadlift

Step 3: a small injection is placed at the correct point on the nose before insertion of the Nose Threadlift.

how to do a nose threadlift

Only 1 tiny injection point at the tip of the nose is required for the entire treatment procedure.

Step 4: The threads are placed horizontally into the nose bridge and vertically into the nose tip. The procedure is now painless because of the anesthesia and is over in under 15 minutes.

how nose threadlift is done


Result: the bridge is enhanced and higher; the tip is smaller and sharper in appearance, without much downtime. 😉




How long does the Nose Threadlift last?

The results of the Nose Threadlift generally last from 1 to 2 years.

It should be noted that there is a partial effect that is semi-permanent. This is because the Nose Threadlift creates new collagen within the skin and tightens the skin as time goes by.

For best results, 1 repeat treatment at 6 to 12 months is highly recommended.

As to the number of threads required for optimal results, it depends greatly from one individual to the other. The optimal number of threads will be advised by our doctors after consultation.

What are the possible side effects of Nose Threadlift?

There is very little side effect and almost no downtime at all, since it only involves a single injection site at the tip of the nose.

As compared to Nose Filler, migration or broadening is far less common and risk of lumps almost nil. Some discomfort is expected for the following week, just like in a Nose Filler, but it mostly resolves within a fortnight.

The risk for infection with any implantation procedure is present, albeit low. Care with sterility during the procedure is of utmost importance to avoid infection, as well as after care – please do not apply makeup or facial products on the treated area until at least 3 hours after the procedure.

Does the type of Nose Threads used matter?

It certainly does!

Apart from the doctor’s skill, the results of a Nose Threadlift procedure is also much dependent on the type of threads used.

A lot of threads currently in use today are short and smooth mono threads, which gives no or minimal results because they are too thin and smooth and therefore are unable to provide sufficient scaffolding to lift the nose sufficiently. On the other hand, threads that are too thick are more likely to cause scarring.

On the other hand, the screw cog nose threads used by us are different from usual threads because the screw cog nose threads are peppered with cogs, maximizing the scaffolding, lifting, and contouring effect of the nose. Only 1 treatment session is required to see visible good results with little downtime or side effects, as compared to repeated treatments required for other types of threads, therefore minimizing pain, time and cost.

Why do some Nose Threadlift not give sufficient result?

Short thin threads do not give a good result, if at all, and you may very well be wasting your time and money. Threads that are too thick can leave a scar at the injection point. Threads with the correct type of cog gives the best lift and effect for the nose bridge and tip. One must choose wisely. 😉

If you have attempted Nose Threadlift before but does not think the results good at all, it is likely due to any of the below:

  1. Wrong type of Nose Threads used
  2. Wrong number of Nose Threads placed
  3. Wrong technique of placement of Nose Threads to maximize its potential lifting effect.

This is what the threads should look like. Notice the cogs along the length of the threads, which are necessary for the lifting effect:

nose threadlift

The right thickness and the presence of cogs are essential to an effective nose threadlift. Otherwise, the procedure only acts to firm up the skin of the nose, rather than give a lifting effect.

Is the Nose Threadlift procedure suitable for men too?

Nose Threadlift is a very good option for nose augmentation in men, especially in conjunction with Nose Filler, to give a high and defined result. As males tend to be bigger in build, the number of threads required may be more, as compared to an average female.

This procedure can be done for both men and women with good result of nose bridge lifting and nose tip sharpening.

How many sessions are required to achieve a good result?

Only one session is required! The results are dependent on the type and number of threads used rather than on the number of sessions. As long as sufficient of the right type of threads are used, the results will be visible right after a single procedure.

Which to choose: Nose Filler or Nose Threadlift?

This depends very much on your objective and desired nose appearance. For nose bridge height adjustment, filler is still the better option; whereas for creating definition and contouring, threadlift is the choice.*

Better still, combine both the nose filler with the nose threadlift for a full and complete nose makeover – if dramatic is what you are looking for. For a sharper, smaller looking nose tip, I also highly recommend a combination of both nose filler and nose threadlift.

This latest innovation in beauty medicine is fasting gaining ground in South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore because it is proving to be a viable alternative to other methods of nose augmentation – and in some cases, the better choice. It is certainly an option to consider, apart from nose filler augmentation or nose implant rhinoplasty, due to the low risks and good results!




For more information, you may visit this website:

You may also read more on this procedure from a patient’s point of view here:

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Beauty Pageant Miss Lumiere Singapore 2017~

Was so honoured to be invited as one of the judges for a glamourous beauty pageant event Miss Singapore Lumiere International World on last Sunday 19 March 2017! 😀 Not my first time as a beauty judge nor my first time attending a beauty pageant, yet nonetheless was so thrilling for me. It felt like a long way since my own participation as a contestant in Ms Singapore 7 years ago. 🙂 (Betcha have yet to hear from a judge’s point of view.)

Outfit of the day~

All of us judges took a group shot before the event started! Amongst us were business owners, a hotel general manager, a lawyer and ex-beauty queens! Heavyweight affair indeed…

Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics is very proud to be a part of this event!

The beauty pageant started with a sizzling hot dance by the dazzling ladies – don’t blink:

Next was the bikini section. I thought it was so creative of the organisers to give it a Victoria’s Secret kind of twist, where the girls had to improve on their bikini designs on their own for the stage that night. Some of them were really creative and well done – too bad I did not manage to capture all on camera as I was also busy filling out the score sheet. 😀

Watching the ladies strut their stuff on stage in flowing evening gowns made me reminiscent of the time I also took the stage to compete for the single coveted title and won Ms Singapore Universe in 2011. The toughest part about contesting in a beauty pageant was being under immense stress throughout the show and yet looking confident and effortless onstage. This time, the onus was (partly) on me (and my fellow judges) to decide who should stand victorious and who should humbly concede defeat!

After much deliberation among the judges…

Top 3 winners for Miss Lumiere Singapore 2017! (Left: Lyn; top: Kato Song, bottom: Dini)

Had the honour to crown the second runner up that evening, Miss Dini. Incidentally, I was the one who questioned her Q&A and I thought she answered well. 😀

Look at them toting our pretty paper bags around, courtesy of Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics. Certainly the choice for beauty queens and pageant winners! 😀

Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics: the choice for beauty queens! Featured: Felicia, Michelle

Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics: the choice for beauty queens!

Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics: the choice for beauty queens!

Received a token of appreciation for appearing as judge for Miss Lumiere Singapore 2017. Most heartfelt thanks for Ms Justina Quek and kudos to a very well done event! Thoroughly enjoyed myself that night and am so happy for all the beautiful ladies who participated — you are all winners for being up on stage and shining with confidence throughout that night, regardless of the outcome. 🙂

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Jedi Mistress for the day…

Attended Level 1 certificate course by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine today as a trainer! Thoroughly enjoyed sharing practice tips and experiences with the local and international delegates from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines and Myanmar! Like little padawans learning to wield their light sabres they are… 😀

tiffiny yang

All the best to these little younglings starting out in this challenging and exciting field of medical aesthetics!

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Skin Booster

Dull or dry skin? Time for a refreshing…

P.S. We do not offer fancy treatments with long sounding names which do not work – only the effective, clinically proven treatments for your every need. 🙂

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Liposonix & Velashape – the Ultimate Fat Buster Combo

tiffiny yang & liposonixWe now have Liposonix for fat busting! It is USA FDA approved for non-invasive waist circumference reduction and body slimming, clinically proven to reduce the waist line in 1 hour, 1 session, by 1 size.

Liposonix uses ultrasonic energy to generate fat melting activity when applied to problem areas of stubborn fat such as on the tummy and thighs.

What is more, you can combine it with the body toning skin tightening device Velashape for even better & more visible results – toning up loose skin or residual superficial fat after Liposonix has melted away the deeper fat. You only need 1 x Liposonix and 5 x Velashape.

2 highly effective slimming treatments in 1 package to target that stubborn weight. Gotta try it to know it. 😉

To find out more about Liposonix, please visit our official website! 🙂

More information at

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colours of the season~

tiffiny yang

Have been in a lot of pinks, reds and gold this season – must be the Chinese New Year mood. Bright colours brighten my days.


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I love Tokyo… 东京之恋 

tiffiny yang

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an apple a day keeps the doc away?

Nah, a smile a day, keeps the blues away! 🙂

Follow me on Instagram: @tiffiny_yang / on Twitter: @tiffinyyang / on Facebook page: Dr Tiffiny Yang. 😉

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FHM Chinese International (Taiwan) November 2016!

FHM Chinese International (Taiwan) November 2016 is out on the stands now!


fhm nov 2016 tiffiny yang

fhm nov 2016 tiffiny yang

fhm nov 2016 tiffiny yang

fhm nov 2016 tiffiny yang

fhm nov 2016 tiffiny yang

fhm nov 2016 tiffiny yang

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Ways to use a long Farandole necklace

Let’s see how we can use a long necklace like this to dress up in many ways! Besides the usual loops around your collar. 😉tiffiny yang

You can also use it as a belt! For that, it must be at least 160cm long – mine is only 120cm. 😦

Another way to use a wallet chain and change your look daily:

kelly wallet chain 1
Double up your chain to make a shorter sling on your wallet.

kelly wallet 2Add a twilly around the chain to create a new look and use it like a new purchase! You may even change twillies to vary your look every now and then. 🙂

A long necklace like this is indeed versatile and practical in our everyday dress up! I love to get creative… 🙂

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the latest treatment is in town! PDRN 婴儿针~ :)

Desiring to restore your skin back to baby soft skin? Now there just might be the chance to do so with Korean’s latest micro-cosmetic treatment to regenerate skin and restore the youthful softness of your dull and tired skin.

What is PDRN treatment (also known as 婴儿针)?


Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN 婴儿针) is an ingredient made up of deoxyribonucleotide polymers where 50 to 2000 base pairs are combined in a chain and is known to accelerate cell proliferation, so helping in regeneration of skin and tissue. PDRN 婴儿针 exists in small amount in newly formed tissues. It standardizes the DNA structure into the right size, replacing the damaged and aged skin with young and healthy skin. As a deoxyribonucleotide linear polymer, which is a combination of purine and phosphodiester bonds forming the monometric unit of pyrimidine nucleotides, PDRN 婴儿针 is known to selectively act on the A2 purinergic receptor to help cell growth and neogenesis. It has been used for clinical treatment of orthopaedic conditions such as plantar fasciitis, other forms of chronic tendinosis and certain skin ulcers, with improved wound healing, relief of skin oedema and reduction of pain. In 2008, PDRN 婴儿针 was approved for use in tissue repair and treatment of wound in skin graft by Korean FDA.

Salmons have great amounts of DNA which is very similar to the DNA base composition with humans. PDRN 婴儿针 is the component harvested from salmons to use in cosmetic skin treatment in humans. It is now the cutting edge treatment in Korea for skin rejuvenation and restoration.

How is it administered?

There are more than one way to use PDRN 婴儿针 in skin treatments, one of which is to apply it topically after fractionated laser treatment or Infini. It can also be applied with needleless electrophoration to improve absorption into the skin. It can be used on its own for results based on its own merit too.

Indications for PDRN 婴儿针 treatment:

  1. Skin regeneration: skin rejuvenation – improve skin tone, brightness, elasticity, wrinkles and fine lines; reduce and control acne; shrink pores; aid in post treatment recovery; general anti-aging treatment.
  2. Scar treatment including improvement of acne scars and stretch marks.
  3. Scalp care: for hair regrowth or to improve survival rate of hair transplants.

You may also combine with skin boosters (水光针) for instant hydrating and smoothening effect. 2 popular treatments combined into 1 fantastic treat for your skin! 🙂

Read more about it here:婴儿针/

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