the miracle of botox

Botox must certainly be the single most well known product when anyone considers or discusses a visit to their beauty doctor for beautification procedures. It also seems to be the most feared product among those who are still resistant to the idea of doing anything to their faces in the name of vanity.

It could also be the single most misunderstood product among those uneducated of its uses and purposes.

Indeed, it is a toxin derived from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum, but it is as poisonous as the cough syrup sitting in your medicine cabinet. As any medication can be unsafe with improper usage, the converse is true. All medicines (yes, even Botox) are safe with proper prescription, accurate dosage and correct application. So I suppose that as long as you are not trying to administer Botox on your own at your home sink, you’re not exactly taking a big risk by visiting your aesthetic doctor for a little bit of that wondrous jab that makes you almost instantly more lifted and youthful.

Botox actually has many medical applications that help people cope with their lives, and not just for beautification purposes. It has relieved the woes of many with cerebral palsy, stroke, incontinence, blepharospasm, migraine, excessive sweating and many of such similar muscular conditions that would never have had a moment of relief otherwise. To them, Botox would be a miracle drug akin to being reborn.

Of course, Botox has been majorly used for beautification more and more in the last decade – probably more so than its medical applications. Seeing its great ambit of use in mankind, both for saving lives and for saving faces, how can it not be deemed as a miracle discovery of some sort!

Besides its standard, commonly-known, FDA-approved ability to reduce frown lines (as well as essentially lines anywhere on the face – forehead, crow’s feet, undereyes, you name it), it also relaxes muscles so that they can debulk. Debulking is very useful in beautification, such as:

  1. Face slimming or botox jaw reduction, where the masseter muscles are reduced to make the appearance of a smaller, sharper face. (Read more about it here:
  2. Upper eyebags, where it can reduce unsightly bulges caused by the pre-tarsal muscles under the eyes especially when you smile.
  3. Leg slimming, where the gastrocnemius muscles are reduced to make the legs shapelier and longer. Woo-hoo~

Indeed, it can even enhance the chin in some people with receding chins when it relaxes the mentalis muscle of the chin so that the chin is able to relax and make the profile of the jawline project forward.

Who doesn’t want to have a smaller face, bigger brighter eyes and sexier legs if they can, in a single simple treatment of botox with only injections, no need for scars or surgery!

What else can it do? How about droopy skin and double chins?

No way, you may say, but omg, botox can do skin tightening too! And not just the wrinkle smoothening kind. It can actually be used to lift loose skin that has dropped down to form chubby cheeks (or jowls) so your face looks sharper and slimmer instantly. For many people who found that botox jaw reduction did not work for them, this may very well be the solution – as the masseter muscles may not always be the issue but skin that is losing its elasticity and becoming less taut.

Similarly, a double chin that is forming under your chin may not always be fat that needs to be dissolved. From my experience, I have observed that it is very commonly due to loose skin that is not clinging as tightly to your jawline and instead hangs down more and more, so a quick procedure to tighten it back with botox can make you very happy almost as soon as you walk out of the doctor’s office. (Refer to:

Seeing what amazing things a little vial of Botox can achieve, we may be able to agree now that it really seems to be a miracle drug, unsurpassed before and probably after. Unless someone really discovers the so-very-elusive elixir of youth.

tiffiny yang

For your reading interest:

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Stay Beautiful in 2018!

Ask us how at

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Gosh, why does my face look rounder as I grow older?

This is a common question I get from my clients.

Many don’t understand that the first sign of skin laxity and aging is when it starts getting pulled to the ground by dreadful gravity so that our faces no longer looks sharp and slim but fat and round. Don’t underestimate this phenomenon: it starts as early as the age of 30. There may not even be significant wrinkles or lines, but early skin drooping is the precursor to jowling and eventually, this:

Skin tightening is the most important treatment to fight signs of aging, as it keeps out the wrinkles and the sag. Everything else is secondary.

So, what is the best treatment for achieving firm and youthful skin that can turn heads and stop traffic?

Ulthera uses ultrasonic energy to create pin points of heat in 2 layers of the skin: the muscle and the subcutaneous fat tissue. This causes contraction of the muscle layer that effects a lifting and contracts the more superficial layer to achieve a textural tightening that smooths out the wrinkles and coaxes the skin to adhere more tightly to the underlying bone structure, restoring your youthful V shape face.

Ulthera is a USA FDA approved machine device for skin tightening and results are clinically proven to be highly effective for loose and saggy skin. I have previously tried other brands as well and I must say that in comparison, the results for Ulthera are far better and more visible indeed. Ask for Ulthera, not just any HIFU! 🙂

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Our all-new Acne Treatment Programme~

Acne is multifactorial. No single treatment is sufficient to eliminate them from coming back again and again. A combination of treatments such as the necessary prescription medications and laser light treatments are far superior in efficacy than any single treatment alone. That is why now, we have developed a whole new approach to treat acne that is clinically designed to reduce pimples and their scarring without pain or downtime!

So what is included our all new Pimple Less package treatment?

1) Tiffiny Yang Skincare Acne Facial Wash + Age Defense & Brightening Serum to fight acne formation x 1 set

Tiffiny Yang Skincaretiffiny yang skincare

2) Acne Buster Medifacial x 5 sessions

The Acne Buster Medifacial has been specially formulated by us, with steps in the 90-minute facial programme that targets all the potential causes of acne formation. Besides the cleansing and massaging of effective products into the skin for acne treatment, it also includes ALL of the following treatments below:

  • Hydrafacial: The suction mechanism of this machine, combined with exfoliation by salicylic acid, removes the dead skin cells which clogs the pores, as well as cleanses the pores deeply so as to reduce formation of comedones e.g. whiteheads and blackheads which lead to acne.
  • IPL for acne: Our USA FDA approved medical grade IPL machine uses a targeted wavelength of light to kill bacteria on the skin that causes the red and angry inflammatory response of acne. It also rejuvenates the skin for better healing and reduces the likelihood of pigmentary scar formation.
  • Omni-laser LED light for acne: This makes use of LED light that helps the skin to fight the bacteria that causes acne and also enhances the rejuvenation process of the other treatments as well as improve healing. Read more about it here.

This Medifacial programme alone may already by sufficient to control mild acne.

3) Carbon Laser Peel for Acne Removal x 5 sessions

On top of the above Medifacial for Acne, the carbon laser peel is particularly effective in treating active acne and clearance of comedones as well as pores. It targets the specific pathways in acne formation so as to cure acne from the root of the problem – laser light that eliminates the offending bacteria that causes the red and angry inflammatory reaction of pimples, exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and deeply cleans the pores, heat to make pores smaller so as to reduce comedonal formation (whiteheads/blackheads) and lightening of healing scars that have darkened.

This highly effective package has been specially formulated to ensure that all the causes of acne have been fully targeted so as to eliminate pimples effectively with every step. You may go right back to work or school the next day without worrying about redness or recovery time.

Ask us more today! 😉

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Piano cover of 年轮 – Tiffiny Yang

Between clinic work and 2 feisty kids, this is how I steal a moment of peace for myself… Enjoy! 😉


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Put Your Best Face Forward 展现出最好的自己

Filtered 过滤…

Or no filter! 或无过滤!

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Oh Kim, have we got the answer for you.

Even Kim K battles with cellulite! How much more the rest of us normal ladies… 😀

Kim K also suffers cellulite much like the rest of us! Read about it here.

Dear Kim, it does not have to be an issue anymore, cos we have got just the solution for you! I’d have thought that everyone knows how effective and easily Velashape gets rid of even the most stubborn cellulite if you do just enough treatment sessions under the right hands!

Well, I’d know cos I also struggled with cellulite once upon a time (not at all surprising after 2 pregnancies, so I totally empathise with you, Kim). Under the trained hands of my skilful therapists and regular Velashape treatments for a few months, the unsightly cellulite at the back of my thighs and bum is practically gone now. 🙂

Feel confident in a bikini again! 🙂 #nofilter #nophotoshop (note: other people present were edited out for their privacy ;))

It takes some patience and perseverence but totally possible to get there. Try it, Kim! 🙂

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Beauty Pageant Miss Lumiere Singapore 2017~

Was so honoured to be invited as one of the judges for a glamourous beauty pageant event Miss Singapore Lumiere International World on last Sunday 19 March 2017! 😀 Not my first time as a beauty judge nor my first time attending a beauty pageant, yet nonetheless was so thrilling for me. It felt like a long way since my own participation as a contestant in Ms Singapore 7 years ago. 🙂 (Betcha have yet to hear from a judge’s point of view.)

Outfit of the day~

All of us judges took a group shot before the event started! Amongst us were business owners, a hotel general manager, a lawyer and ex-beauty queens! Heavyweight affair indeed…

Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics is very proud to be a part of this event!

The beauty pageant started with a sizzling hot dance by the dazzling ladies – don’t blink:

Next was the bikini section. I thought it was so creative of the organisers to give it a Victoria’s Secret kind of twist, where the girls had to improve on their bikini designs on their own for the stage that night. Some of them were really creative and well done – too bad I did not manage to capture all on camera as I was also busy filling out the score sheet. 😀

Watching the ladies strut their stuff on stage in flowing evening gowns made me reminiscent of the time I also took the stage to compete for the single coveted title and won Ms Singapore Universe in 2011. The toughest part about contesting in a beauty pageant was being under immense stress throughout the show and yet looking confident and effortless onstage. This time, the onus was (partly) on me (and my fellow judges) to decide who should stand victorious and who should humbly concede defeat!

After much deliberation among the judges…

Top 3 winners for Miss Lumiere Singapore 2017! (Left: Lyn; top: Kato Song, bottom: Dini)

Had the honour to crown the second runner up that evening, Miss Dini. Incidentally, I was the one who questioned her Q&A and I thought she answered well. 😀

Look at them toting our pretty paper bags around, courtesy of Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics. Certainly the choice for beauty queens and pageant winners! 😀

Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics: the choice for beauty queens! Featured: Felicia, Michelle

Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics: the choice for beauty queens!

Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics: the choice for beauty queens!

Received a token of appreciation for appearing as judge for Miss Lumiere Singapore 2017. Most heartfelt thanks for Ms Justina Quek and kudos to a very well done event! Thoroughly enjoyed myself that night and am so happy for all the beautiful ladies who participated — you are all winners for being up on stage and shining with confidence throughout that night, regardless of the outcome. 🙂

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Jedi Mistress for the day…

Attended Level 1 certificate course by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine today as a trainer! Thoroughly enjoyed sharing practice tips and experiences with the local and international delegates from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines and Myanmar! Like little padawans learning to wield their light sabres they are… 😀

tiffiny yang

All the best to these little younglings starting out in this challenging and exciting field of medical aesthetics!

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Skin Booster

Dull or dry skin? Time for a refreshing…

P.S. We do not offer fancy treatments with long sounding names which do not work – only the effective, clinically proven treatments for your every need. 🙂

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