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american academy of aesthetic medicine ~ diploma

Just underwent a post-graduate diploma course held by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. It was a grueling course, expounding deeply into the various aspects of aesthetic medicine, such as botox, fillers, lasers, pigmentation, acne scars, stretch marks, cellulite, hair regrowth, … Continue reading

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International buffet lunch @ the new Westin ~

We had our quarterly clinic lunch get-out at the swanky new Westin hotel today. It’s an international spread 32 storeys up with a spectacular view of the bay. :) This eat-out is called Seasonal Tastes. Only a few of us … Continue reading

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Thermage is for face slimming too!

Pregnancy made my skin sag!! Esp after losing all that weight (20kg of baby, water and fat, no joke!)… I had to do something about it… so I used my own Thermage 2 weeks ago~ :D Didn’t even use numbing cream but … Continue reading

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gimme a baby face

Many people have a misconception of what cheek filler augmentation can do for them. They think that filling up the cheeks make the cheekbones wider or make them look fatter, which is absolutely not true! With the process of aging, especially … Continue reading

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oops, I did it again…

You’re never too young to start staying young, so I had to get back to my regular laser facial and repeat my PRP (platelet rich plasma) face rejuvenation treatment, once I was out of confinement. Who knows, there may still be some hormones … Continue reading

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Tiffiny’s Secret

We just created our own line of skincare products, beginning with the best: a youth restoring serum containing the best ingredients for fighting aging or dull skin! It’s a combination of all the following good stuffs: 1. Retinol, undisputedly proven in countless … Continue reading

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welcome little one!

After months of baking this little cookie in my oven, he’s finally arrived! :) Welcome to the world, Emmerich. May the Lord be as much your Keeper as He is your Maker. In between feeds and diaper changes during confinement — which … Continue reading

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The festive holidays are here!

Check out my column in December’s issue of FHM: The festive season is right around the corner and it’s time to start looking great for the parties! Here are some tips to look your best for the fun-filled times ahead. … Continue reading

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the dire truth about jaw cutting surgery

One of my favorite patients asked me about jaw cutting surgery today. She was interested to do it because she wanted to correct her cross bite. Her orthodontist have told her that she is not suitable for correction by braces alone … Continue reading

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tyas clinic retreat 2014

Guess where we went for our clinic retreat this year? 4 days 3 nights in Tokyo, Japan! :) Jane and Lynette had an awesome great time indeed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t join them this year because by the time we planned … Continue reading

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