It’s finally ready!

After months’ of hard work, our clinic facility is finally ready!

Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & SurgeryMeticulously designed for professionalism, class, style and comfort, it is the epitome of my clinical practice. Obtained my premise license from the Ministry of Health on 4th April! You can imagine how proud and happy one can be. ;)

Waiting area

Opening week is from 15 April to 27 April 2013. It’ll be exciting! As a welcome gift to all, we have put together some pretty cool packages for opening week.

Looking forward to see you there soon! :D

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About Tiffiny Yang

Fabulous, Not Fake.
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2 Responses to It’s finally ready!

  1. Eugene Ho says:

    Congrats Tiffany! Another milestone for your career. Best of luck to your business have a great one. Eugene

  2. Cheryl C says:

    The clinic looks gorgeous! Congrats, gal! Can’t wait to see it! =)

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