Went back to Kenaris salon last week cos I thought they did a pretty good job the last time. This time, however, it was disastrous. The stylist layered my hair too much, made it look flat on the top, heavy at the ends, and it wasn’t even on both sides! Was so depressed. How come the skills are so inconsistent?? I chose the same stylist!

Sought out to rectify the hair disaster. Consulted at Toni & Guy at the Rochester Mall… they said it was not rectifiable cos the previous cut made it too short to do anything about it. (Either that, or they didn’t dare touch it– it was such a mess!) They recommended me all sorts of other treatments, including some sorta hair relaxing, but I didn’t wanna damage my hair with noxious chemicals. Furthermore, I didn’t wanna waste the whole day sitting in the hair salon… a quick fix would be nice.

I thought of going back to my previous regular stylist at Kimage, but he wasn’t in today.

Who will help me in my hair-tastrophe??? Boo-hoo. :(

My hubby suggested I try Kim Robinson at Takashimaya. He’s been bugging me to visit there for a long time but I am resistant to trying new stylists on my difficult-to-tame hair. Out of options, I decided to give it a shot.

Wow, the place is posh. Much befitting of a celebrity hairstylist’s studio.


I couldn’t afford any more screw-ups (since I only have so much hair), so I tried to choose a better stylist from the artistic team, priced at a steep S$198 per cut. You can have a haircut there priced from S$138 by the junior artists, and a cut by Mr. Kim Robinson himself costs a whooping S$2700!

Kim Robinson is renowned for his famous dry cut technique which styles your hair in such a way that will make it look the same way even when you go home, wash and dry it yourself. I believe mileage is important in a hairstyle– no point looking great for only 5 minutes after you step out of a hair salon (…which was what happened to me at Kenaris.)

James Ho was my stylist and he was very professional indeed. Gave me a few useful tips about how I can make my hair more manageable. Most importantly, he managed to reverse the horror made by the stylist at Kenaris, with just a few snips. Cool.

(Sorry I wasn’t wearing any makeup in this pic. :P)

Anyway, I was so happy with the resolution of my previous nightmare, I’m pretty sure I’ll head back there again. :D They gave some vouchers at the close of payment which seemed like quite reasonable deals, including bringing a friend there to cut together for the price of 1. Just sweet. I’m so glad I can go out and face the world again with my flowy restored hair. And I think I’ll never step foot into the other hair studio ever again.

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5 Responses to hair-tastrophe!

  1. Brian Davis says:

    Sorry to hear about this hair-tastrophe but glad to hear it was fixed. What a stressful ordeal! It looks great and I’m glad you feel good about going out again.

  2. envyjovy says:

    May I know who’s the stylist from Kenaris… thinking of going down after reading OK reviews on but want to avoid the bad sheep!

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