my new fave tune!

Disney has always been a great inspiration to many many. Now they’ve done it again with the new hit in Frozen! I guess Let It Go is so well-loved because it’s such a liberating song. You feel so free listening to it, makes you wanna run and leap! :D The choreography in the show is perfect.

Theme in the song: be true to yourself! Theme in the show: perfect love melts away all fear.

Enjoy, folks! :)

tiffiny yang

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Seminar on Non-surgical Threadlift in Seoul

Attended a workshop / sharing session on threadlift last weekend in Seoul, Korea — with Dr Shin.

tiffiny yang, seoul korea

Always great to revise skills and exchange practice tips with colleagues and other medical aesthetic professionals! It was short but rewarding.

Non-surgical threadlift is effective for lifting and firming of the skin, especially to achieve a perfect V shaped face for those whose problem with a square or inverted triangular face is due to excess saggy skin and jowling.

tiffiny yang

I want to fight any saggy skin too!! #vanity rocks#

tiffiny yang

Returning to my hotel after the workshop… and returned to Singapore soon after, where I realized that despite the drought and the haze, it is still my much-yearned home. Honestly, I’m quite impressed with the gahmen for still being able to supply enough water to us all after 2 months of zilch rainfall! *Clap clap*

Dear Lord God, please send us rain++ without any flood. Thanks!

Totally unrelated, I did my hair before I went on my trip and happened to take this selfie… Love the colours of the background and of my dress! :P

tiffiny yang

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TYAS received the Singapore Excellence award this week!

Singapore Excellence Award ceremony

Was at Marina Bay Sands last Friday evening for Singapore Excellence Award presentation ceremony 2013/2014. Partner and I were there on behalf of TYAS to receive our award!

Established in 2011, Singapore Enrich Group Pte Ltd is a Publishing and Media Consultancy which recognizes Small Medium Enterprises’ (SMEs) and entrepreneurs’ success in product quality, services and brand goodwill to general consumers and clients. We’re much honored to be there as one of the recipients!

on behalf of TYAS

my dinner plate

tiffiny yang

Enjoyed the dinner and award ceremony. Of course, the most fun part is going onstage to receive the trophy as recognition of our hard work and acheivements for TYAS.

tiffiny yang

the well known logo

Thank you, everyone, for your support and your patronage. By God’s grace, we promise to continue doing our utmost best to serve you well for a great long time to come! :)

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the formula to great and healthy skin

Many people ask me how I keep my skin so great. Well, I’ve also been thinking over this question and analyzing my personal skincare regime to deduce what is the best formula to keep skin looking flawless.

My skincare routine is actually quite simple and without frills: cleanse, moisturize and sunblock daily. On top of that, I have my usual laser treatment every month in my clinic as maintenance to battle pigmentation. I hardly ever go for facials. If I have the occasional blackheads that I so hate, I ask my lovely therapist to help me out with them every once in a while. If I get acne once in a while, I institute the appropriate treatment into my usual routine until it clears.

On top of that, I don’t smoke, love my greens and get my beauty sleep. I am a little deficient in my daily fluid intake — I’m working on that.

I guess at the end of it, the formula is this:



Simple, but true. The skin is a biologically sensitive organ that heals and regenerates well if you supply it with a lot of antioxidants, but degenerates and dies with the lack thereof.

How, then, to increase antioxidants to the skin?

1. As mentioned above, I love my greens. Get your diet balanced with lots of natural fruits and veggies; supplement if necessary. I occasionally take some collagen supplements when I feel like it.

You can also decrease the exposure of oxidants to the skin.

2. I use my sunblock (broad spectrum SPF 50++) daily — ultraviolet rays generate a lot of free radicals on the skin.

3. Don’t smoke — smoking creates a lot of free radicals that overwhelm and is sure to cause aging earlier.

How about hydration? As I also mentioned doing in my skincare routine, moisturizing daily and sufficient fluids daily is an indispensable part of keeping your skin healthy.

Having great skin isn’t rocket science. It is a habit you form early and your rewards will surely come with time. :)

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my pre-CNY facial

As everyone does, I wanted to look my best and glowiest for the hols! I had no time to visit a beautician though, what with working long hours in my clinic. ><

Recently, I brought in Hydrafacial MD for trial. So on the eve of Chinese New Year, I decided to give it a go and see what it can do for my skin!

Hydrafacial is a treatment which cleanses the skin thoroughly by: 1. exfoliating the top layer of dead skin cells that make the skin look dull and gray; 2. cleansing pores from gunk and such that clog them and make them big or bumpy; 3. hydrating and infusing lots of antioxidants to promote skin health. It is all the rave in the USA where it originated from.


It uses a plastic “HydroPeel” tip combined with adjustable suction to transfer serums onto the skin and remove dead skin cells and other gross stuff that accumulate on your precious skin. It has 2 or 3 stages, each with a different serum. The first stage usually makes use of a hydrating serum that contains glucosamine, etc. The second stage infuses serum that has salicylic acid, amongst others, to deeply cleanse the pores. The serum in the third stage is rich in antioxidants, which promotes skin health by neutralizing bad radicals that damage the skin and cause aging.

Totally painless procedure, perhaps just a mild scratchy and pulling sensation. The skin may turn red immediately but returns to normal color again within minutes to an hour, depending on how rigorous you want it to be done.

After my Hydrafacial treatment (only 15 minutes!), I applied a whitening and brightening mask from SMD on my face for 20 to 30 minutes. SMD also produces a mask with peptides for lifting and tightening. This is the best time to apply skin treatment products as the skin is now well prepped to absorb the good stuff for best results!

SMD facial mask

I have never been so happy with how smooth my face is after this mini facial I pieced together! Kept wanting to pat my face after that and feel the wonderful softness~ :D

tiffiny yang

However, I had a bit of acne a week after the treatment– it supposedly happens after treatments like Hydrafacial and SilkPeel. In that case, will really reconsider about undergoing it again.

Happy CNY! :)

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the scaffolding threadlift

There are a few types of threadlift available in medical aesthetics today.

A well known type is the suspension thread lift, which is a more invasive threadlift technique that requires incision with a knife to lift the skin and muscle with sutures underneath. It doesn’t increase skin renewal of collagen and requires sedation, with longer downtime and much more swelling and bruising.

And then there is also the gold threadlift, which technique is to implant threads of almost pure gold just underneath the skin to provide stimulation of collagen renewal and improve skin tone over 1 year. The disadvantages: it is permanent (risks are always higher with irreversible treatments) and it is expensive (it is pure gold, after all). And you probably can’t undergo magnetic resonance imaging forever.

Recently, a popular threadlift technique has surfaced, known as the scaffolding (or Powercell) threadlift. It makes use of polydioxane (PDO) threads, a synthetic absorbable monofilament that disappears after 6 to 8 months. It is a super safe and harmless material. As the name of the technique suggests, PDO threads are embedded in the skin as a scaffold and induce a minimal granulation reaction deep to the skin to produce new collagen in an infrastructure that supports and tightens the skin. This biostimulation reaction improves fine lines, wrinkles, nasolabial folds, the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

scaffold pdo thread

The best thing about it: zero downtime. There is very little pain, swelling, bruising or needle marks. Patients can apply makeup soon right after the procedure and return to their normal activities almost immediately. It is also very safe and has very few contraindications (i.e. almost everyone are suitable for it). Young people can do it as prevention, old people can do it as cure. The effect is also not immediate and may begin to show after 1 to 2 months; it also continues to improve the skin over 1 year.

Generally, a few sessions of repeat treatments give far better improvement than one single session alone. Results are even better when combined with botox and filler injections.

It may not be suitable if you’re looking for a dramatic change in the look of saggy skin, but for the low cost and downtime, it is a wonderful option as a skin rejuvenation treatment with progressive improvement over time.

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Lots of fun at San Francisco~

We visited San Francisco for a couple of days after Tucson. Lovely city, with very steep sidewalks and vintage looking trams on the roads. :D

SF trams

You can take one of these to Fisherman’s Wharf, a popular tourist attraction in San Franc.

Fisherman's Wharf

If you visit, you must go to Pier 39! It’s the most interesting pier of Fisherman’s Wharf, with colorful shops and yummy seafood restaurants such as one by the Simmons’ Family.

dining at Pier 39

sea lions @ Pier 39

There was an entire brood of sea lions roosting off Pier 39. Super smelly, but what a sight! We watched two male lions wrestle each other for control of a raft. One of them successfully kept the entire raft clear of other lions for himself. How primitive. :P

Red & White Fleet ferry

You can take a ferry ride out to see 2 other famous points of interest in San Franc! We took the Red & White Fleet ferry such as the one in this picture. Had a different point of view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the scaryyy Alcatraz. ;)

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge


tiffiny yang

That’s it for the touristy bits of San Franc! Now for the city!

We had dinner at Burger Bar, Macy’s. Sat next to a window overlooking Union Square. Fantabulous view!

Union Square, San Francisco

There’s even a Nespresso cafe at Union Square. Had a cuppa there with my hubby to chillax.

Nespresso cafe

tiffiny yang

tiffiny yang

tiffiny yang

My gift from hubby for accompanying him on his business trip! Chanel No. 5 gift set which includes the shower gel, body lotion and perfume~ It is great– using the same scented shower gel and body lotion ensures that the fragrance of the perfume does not change due to mixing with fragrances of other products. ;)

Chanel No 5 gift set

Chanel No. 5 gift setThat’s all folks~ Back in Singapore, back to life as I know it.

Love, Tiffiny Yang

tiffiny yang

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I’m in Tucson, Arizona!

Good wife that I am, followed hubby to USA this week for his lawyer academy gathering with Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP. It’s held in Tucson, Arizona, at a pretty cool resort JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa.

JW Marriott Starr Passe Resort & Spa

Left on Thurs 9am and arrived on same day 5pm (no kidding, 20+ hours flight and only 7 hours in real time)…

tiffiny yang in Arizona

Huge cacti right outside the hotel window. Couldn’t resist taking photo with it. :D

Tucson, ArizonaMountains of cacti form the landscape all around the resort.

Temperature right now is 3 degree Celsius. Brrr.

Walked around the grounds… there’s a golf course and a mountain park right outside the resort! May go check it out soon but for now, I’m sitting in Starbucks sipping on caramel frappe and blogging. ;)

tiffiny yang

The waffles for breakfast @ Signature Grill this morning was the most heavenly I’ve ever tasted. :D Never knew that strawberries and cream atop maple-smothered waffles can be that good.

Watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013 on StarWorld HD and I simply adored Taylor Swift’s performance. She’s really a superstar… fell in love with her right there and then! :D

VS Snow Angels & Taylor Swift 1Her dress is so gorgeous, like the Princess of Snow Angels. :)

The song she did “I Knew You Were Trouble” was a number from her latest album, Red. So catchy, I listened to it over and over again on my playlist. :p Swift writes most of her songs based on her past experiences – you can hear heartfelt emotions in her vocals~

VS Snow Angels & Taylor Swift 2

VS Snow Angels & Taylor Swift

Spent the day in the Hashani Spa in the resort. Apparently, some forums reviewed it as one of the best spas in USA. Frankly, I hardly have time to spa back at home so it’s a perfect chance to pamper myself thoroughly this time.

tiffiny yang

This is me, before the Hashani signature spa massage, looking all tensed and in need of what’s coming. ;)

After a relaxing 50 minutes, I didn’t want it to end. Didn’t realise my tired hands and feet needed such a break.

tiffiny yangAll relaxed after a great massage~

Hashani manicureThe Hashani manicure included a full manicure with hand spa (scrub, mask and massage). I tried on a bright red color of Shellac, a brand of gel nail polish made in USA.

an All American mealThen, it’s room service (American cheeseburger with fries!) and sleep for me! Super jet lagged still.

my aromatherapy souvenir from Hashani spa

Even got a souvenir from the spa to take back to the room with me– my own aromatic concoction of dried rose and chamomile, which is supposed to soothe and relax you further. Placed it on my pillow and knocked out for 4 whole hours straight.

Happy New Year, folks! Enjoy each and every day before the year is out again. ;)

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American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

AAAM course

Started my journey with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine last weekend. It was the beginning of 3 levels to attain board certification in aesthetics medicine.

It was more like, a revision of knowledge for me, since I’ve already been in practice for many years! Nonetheless, you always learn new things in the old… (温故知新!)
tiffiny yang with nice old lady

This is the nice old lady who volunteered to be one of our patients that day. Incidentally, she’s from Serbia.

We went through chemical peels, lasers, botox and fillers. I most enjoyed the hands on part where we walked the talk on volunteers. At the end of it, I learnt this: how much I truly enjoy my work! Felt I have a great deep affinity with the practice of aesthetic medicine. It’s an art to be mastered by those who have the heart and the eye (and the hands) for it. ;)

tiffiny yang getting her certificate!

Got my certificate at the end of Level 1. Onwards to Level 2 next year! Took a photo with the trainer, Dr Thomas Berger. Can’t believe I got him to pose too. :Ptiffiny yang with dr thomas berger, trainer

Adios, folks!

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my Dior look

Went on a Dior makeup craze recently. Absolutely adore the 999 range of rouge and nail polish! Indeed, the nail laquer goes onto the nails so evenly, quickly and smoothly. Sufficiently deep colour with only 1 layer applied. Good for a quickie manicure for a busy, busy girl like me.

Dior makeup

Also tried the Diorshow New Look mascara and Diorshow eyeliner (omg, forgot to include the eyeliner in the picture above?!?!) I need to revamp my eyelashes! Perm or extend or whatever. They are too short and not full. :( I promise I’ll prescribe me some Latisse soon. ;) Shall be content with falsies for the time being.

tiffiny yang

17 days on from my stem cell skin rejuvenation treatment… my skin is feeling wonderfully fresh and supple, like a young girl’s! (For all my readers… I am forever young. LOL. :D ) The fine lines around the mouth seem less visible too. The effects are supposed to continue on for months. I’m all excited and anticipatory!!

Adios, folks~

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