a review on different brands of facial fillers

There are so many brands of facial fillers on the market these days, many find it hard to decide which is most suitable for them. My two cents’ worth below– hope it helps!

1. Restylane

This is the oldest USA FDA approved facial filler, so I guess it can be used as a control to compare all the others! I love to use this brand of filler on the tear troughs and lips because its range e.g. Vital Light and Lip Volume is soft and natural enough for these areas. Perlane and SubQ are harder types suitable for other areas of augmentation but I find it too hard for my liking.

2. Juvederm

Also a very popular and well marketed brand that is also USA FDA approved. Quite costly though. Its range of Ultra Plus and Voluma is suitable for areas like the nasolabial folds, cheeks, nose and chin. From experience, Voluma tends to give a bit more swelling– I don’t like it for that reason because in the first week, the swelling may give rise to a wrong impression of asymmetry which settles quickly but causes a lot of worry in the meantime. It’s known to last slightly longer for a hyaluronic acid based filler. Its range Ultra seems very effective as a filler for scars and wrinkles.

3. Revanesse

This is a relatively low profile brand made in Canada but has quite a number of worthy clinical studies to back it. Its range Ultra seems very versatile and gives good results for nasolabial lines, nose, chin and cheeks (in that order of preference). Surprisingly, it gives very little problems– seldom cause lumpiness or migration, and settles very well to give a most natural result. Perhaps the only shortcoming is it doesn’t give as great a volumising / lifting effect as Juvederm Voluma or Radiesse. Revanesse basic, a softer type, also is effective for scars and wrinkles.

4. Radiesse

I absolutely love the effect this filler gives for the cheeks. The lifting effect is good and immediately visible even with a very little amount, as long as it’s in the right place. I find it best in the cheeks, nose and chin.

5. Aquamid

An almost permanent filler that can last 2-5 years cos it’s a plastic gel. Considering the cost vs the length of time it lasts, it’s easily the most economical filler. The obvious pitfall is, of course, the risk for lumpiness, as with any longer lasting filler. In the event of lumps, it cannot be dissolved easily like the hyaluronic acid based fillers. You can wait it out or massage it down or opt to remove it surgically.


Filler choice varies, depending on your specific requirements, budget and desired area of treatments. There is no “one size fits all” in this regard. It’s ok even if you may need different fillers for different areas of treatment as they seldom cross react with one another. It’d be worse if you try to force a certain type of filler in an area it is not suitable for. Discuss with your aesthetic doctor what you are looking for and get the best recommendation for you! :)

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For you, my little Eddy.

Mama give you all my very best;

All I hope for you is that you will always take good care of yourself.

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Happy National Day!

Happy Birthday, Singapore! Looking forward to the celebratory weekend~ :)

tiffiny yang

tiffiny yang

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Grinding your teeth?

Are you grinding your teeth?

You may be able to tell whether you have grinding if you have clicking or painful jaw joints, sensitive teeth, headaches in the temples from over grinding, etc. Or your family may inform you that you are making grinding or tapping noises at night even though you are not aware of it.

Your dentist is also able to advise you on whether you are doing so, by looking at the degree of wear and tear on your teeth such as cracked or fractured teeth and at your temporomandibular joint (TMJ, the movable joint at the back of your jaws).

This is known as bruxism, defined by excessive grinding of teeth or excessive clenching of the jaws. It is actually very common but frequently unnoticed or undetected by the people suffering from it until it is too late, where the teeth become very worn down.

Most of the time, the cause of grinding is unknown or unresolvable. Fret not, this does not spell the end of the world for grinders. You can control the damage caused by persistent grinding with the following ways:

  1. Visit your dentist for a mouth guard to wear during sleep, especially if you are a night grinder.
  2. Decrease the strength and intensity of grinding by relaxing your chewing muscles — the masseters — with injectable botox treatment. This places a suitable amount of botulinum into the grinding muscles so as to relax them and thereafter reduce the intensity of grinding and the damage it can cause.

At the same time, the relaxation of these muscles will also help the muscles to shrink in size and bulk. Big masseter muscles are a common problem among grinders (just like bodybuilding) and gives the appearance of a round or square face. Slimming these muscles will then restore the appearance of a slimmer face.

If you are suffering from teeth grinding, leading to painful joints, weak teeth or a big face, hesitate not to seek medical treatment immediately to alleviate those troublesome symptoms and unjustified appearance of big square jaws!


You may also read up more about botulinum treatment for the jaws here: http://www.tiffinyyangclinic.com/facial-slimming-jaw-reduction/

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ranting on girly stuff

Coco Chanel has a new fragrance – Mademoiselle. Hubs got it for me when he was in the USA… the scent is awesome! Do try it too. ;)

coco chanel mademoiselle

I also recently got a new eyeshadow color palette by Urban Decay from Sephora – Naked 3. It’s all rose gold and shimmery, but I realize there are very few situations I can use it. :( Should’ve gotten Naked 2 instead – more practical.

In my recent foray to South Korea, I got this really sweet peachy blouse with a huge ribbon bow on the front. Love the look! I loooooove to shop in Korea and Japan for fashion items – dresses, shoes, bags and accessories. I can always find stuffs that I never see in Singapore, that I simply adore and must buy back to wear!

tiffiny yang

Ok, enough ranting on girly stuffs for the week. Stay tuned for more on my next blog post!

Til next time, folks! :)

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chin filler vs chin implant – which is better?

Many people think that the main difference between chin augmentation by filler and chin augmentation by implant is simply this: filler is temporary whereas implant is permanent.

But it’s not as simple as that.

If you are thinking about chin augmentation at all, the most important consideration is, of course – you want you to look better. So which is better – filler or implant?

These are 2 pictures after chin augmentation, one by filler and the other by implant.

chin filler chin implant

Can you tell which is the one by filler augmentation?

It’s the one on the left side, which looks pointier and more feminine.

Indeed, filler augmentation for the chin tends to create a sweeter looking chin than an implant is able to. Chin implants tend to look bulkier and (so it seems to be) more difficult in achieving a sweet V face. Sometimes, in order to achieve the right chin length, the implant chosen may be oversized and create a heavy-looking chin or leave a deep mental crease. Frankly, I hardly see an implant that has been able to achieve the right effect most Asian girls want in chin augmentation. The right chin shape is easier to achieve with filler augmentation. Disclaimer: for guys or females of bigger builds, this observation does not apply. :)

So if you are considering chin augmentation, do consult with your aesthetics doctor to see which is a more suitable option. Permanence of result should not be the only consideration in your choice. The only good end point is seeing the right look you want to see in your dressing mirror!

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I’ve got a pocketful of sunshine…

I heard this song on a movie title “Easy A” starring Emma Stone and I couldn’t get it out of my head ever since. It’s not a bad show – catch it if you can. :)

Incidentally, did you know that I am quite the junkie to this online computer game, “Defense of the Ancients 2″ or DOTA 2 for short. (Please don’t tell my son when he grows up, in case he says “But Mummy plays it too!”)

This is a game based on Warcraft, of 2 opposing teams building up through the game to eventually reach the enemy Ancient and take it down. Not exactly the most edifying game, I must say, but it’s fun because every game is unique in terms of team makeup and human interaction. You can choose to use any of 112 hero characters, with different skills and possible avatar builds. Choice of heroes, practice, diligence and teamwork is vital to winning the game. My personal hero favorites are Luna the Moon Rider and Traxex the Drow Ranger.



It’s not a small time game. There was a DOTA 2 tournament held in California, USA last year with a prize pool of more than US$1 million. Imagine that, making a living as a professional online gamer.

The game requires precise hand-brain-eye coordination, which I suppose is a personal talent required in my current line of work too! I also find I’m attracted only to games which involve a lot of unique human interactions, such as Gunbound when I was in medical school. I even had a clan back then and was playing until 5am the night before my Pathology exam. OMG. Thank God I passed anyway! I definitely won’t make it in life as a professional gamer. Haha.

The most surprising thing- even to me- is many girls actually play DOTA online too! I’ve met countless (albeit, faceless) girls in the games I’ve been in. Ha, don’t despise us weaker vessels, we can trump many, many guys during the game too! :P

If you play the game, add me! My nick is Lady_TY. Don’t mind me if I’m noob though. :D

Posting from my hubby’s office at 11.10pm, after a hard day’s work at my clinic… Whew!

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mood of shanghai~

tiffiny yang

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In South Korea once again!

Busy week with seminars and workshops — we’re constantly striving to improve and serve you better!

Was in Incheon, South Korea, last weekend with Dr Lee Young-Seob on the use of Dysport for dermal skin lifting. This is a very interesting off-label use to effect skin tightening without surgery.

Dr Tiffiny Yang at 2010 Plastic Surgery Clinic

This is one of our subjects for the workshop. Well, she’s not exactly the best example because she’s pretty young (really pretty and young), so her skin is still very tight and lifted. But can you tell which side has been treated and tighter?

dermal lift subject

If you guessed it to be the right side of the picture (patient’s left hand), you are right!

Dysport is a better choice for this treatment because its diffusion and effect on skin contraction is better and more predictable.

Tiffiny & Jonathan Yang

My hubby came with me too~ Handsome man~

Also had too much Korean BBQ and ginseng chicken and kimchi…

Also had a workshop last week on the use of Macrolane as body filler for the chest and buttocks. Dr Per Heden was present to share his techniques on how to create a masculine beefy chest as well as perky butts.

Dr Tiffiny Yang at Macrolane workshop

For those agonizing over not looking so great on the behind, buttock augmentation is something to consider as a safe procedure with low downtime. :) Possible side effects:

  1. You may require cushioned seats for a few days after;
  2. You may start to spend too much on pretty skirts and dresses. Just kidding. :D

That’s all, folks!

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my new fave tune!

Disney has always been a great inspiration to many many. Now they’ve done it again with the new hit in Frozen! I guess Let It Go is so well-loved because it’s such a liberating song. You feel so free listening to it, makes you wanna run and leap! :D The choreography in the show is perfect.

Theme in the song: be true to yourself! Theme in the show: the most dangerous thing is a frozen heart, but perfect love melts away all fear.

Enjoy, folks! :)

tiffiny yang

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