Thermage is for face slimming too!

Pregnancy made my skin sag!! Esp after losing all that weight (20kg of baby, water and fat, no joke!)… I had to do something about it… so I used my own Thermage 2 weeks ago~ :D

tiffiny yangI surprised myself – my face looked slimmer in the next few days… :) My hubby commented I look prettier. (Yippee!)

Analysis of the day:

When the skin sags, it droops down by gravity and makes the face look boxier or bottom heavy. That’s how skin tightening can help to slim the face – by restoring the skin back to its original place. :D

Will wait for further improvement in the next 1-2 months too! ;)

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gimme a baby face

Many people have a misconception of what cheek filler augmentation can do for them. They think that filling up the cheeks make the cheekbones wider or make them look fatter, which is absolutely not true!

With the process of aging, especially in slim Asian / Oriental women, the first part of the face to lose the volume of youth is often on the cheeks, particularly medially (i.e. the part of cheeks right next to the nose bridge). You don’t notice it at first, but when the skin starts to droop due to disappearance of the apples of the cheeks, jowling starts and laugh lines form — that’s when it becomes noticeable that age is catching up with you.

radiesse brochure

“In a young face, the widest part is at the cheeks but as we age, the cheeks deflate and excess skin falls toward the jawline. . . That makes the triangle flip upside down so that the widest part of the face is now at the jawline.” says dermatologist Dr Marina I Peredo, of the Spatique Medical Spa, New York.

So what shall we do to save face?

A simple cheek filler augmentation procedure is usually good enough to fight off the initial signs of such aging. 1-2cc of a suitable volumising filler is typically sufficient in a younger person. If you have waited too long, you may need up to 3 or 4cc of similar filler to make a good correction. Small measures done early prevent the need for more radical corrective surgery later on, which probably carries greater risk and downtime. I’ll recommend Radiesse or Juvederm Voluma for this purpose.

So seek out your friendly aesthetics doctor today for reshaping and restoring your cheeks, to fight off the signs of age! :)

Read more:

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oops, I did it again…

You’re never too young to start staying young, so I had to get back to my regular laser facial and repeat my PRP (platelet rich plasma) face rejuvenation treatment, once I was out of confinement. Who knows, there may still be some hormones of pregnancy and possibly stem cells that are still circulating in my blood, which can give an extra boost to my skin’s rejuvenation. ;)

Not to mention, I saw the beginnings of some tiny crow’s feet– to my utmost horror! Not what a little botox cannot solve though. Whew. :D

Thank you, Minami さん, for helping me work towards being forever young. :D

1 week after the faithful treatments…

tiffiny yang

See, right little eyebag gone.

tiffiny yang

And there’s this after glow that lasts for about 3 months. All without surgery or massive downtime. No, not even a teensy weensy bruise or red mark. I simply love the minimally invasive aesthetics! :D

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Tiffiny’s Secret

product pic

We just created our own line of skincare products, beginning with the best: a youth restoring serum containing the best ingredients for fighting aging or dull skin!

It’s a combination of all the following good stuffs:

1. Retinol, undisputedly proven in countless clinical studies to reverse the signs of aging, reduce fine lines, increase thickness of the skin, etc.

2. Matrixyl, the most recently discovered growth peptide to increase collagen of the skin and reverse aging. It’s the latest craze for maintaining youthful looking skin.

3. Licorice root extract, for brightening of the skin.

4. Antioxidants to protect your skin from free radicals that accelerate aging.

After 6 months’ testing on both women and men, we have had great reviews on it! Results as follows:

  • 100% of subjects reported definite visible improvement of their skin.
  • 90% of subjects conceded to reduction in fine lines.
  • 80% of subjects conceded to reduction in pores.
  • 60% of subjects reported brightening and smoothening of skin complexion.
  • 30% of subjects felt their usual acne outbreaks were lessened.

Because I believe in it, it’s now an indispensable item on my night dresser as part of my nightly beauty routine! Certainly helped my post pregnancy skin. ;)

For more information, check out the website here:!science-of-the-secret/cx85


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welcome little one!

After months of baking this little cookie in my oven, he’s finally arrived! :) Welcome to the world, Emmerich. May the Lord be as much your Keeper as He is your Maker.

Emmerich Yang

In between feeds and diaper changes during confinement — which definition is really, to be imprisoned in a bubble of having only everything hot and smelling of ginger, DOM and sesame oil — I watched this major production by Beijing and Guangzhou: 蘭陵王. It’s a love story between this 战神 and 天女, a descendent of the 巫族 (clan of witches, but I assure you, she ain’t got warts or a hooked nose). Very touching love story — I’d recommend it!

So it is, I’ve favourited a song from the show and posted it below. Enjoy! ;)


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The festive holidays are here!

fhm dec

Check out my column in December’s issue of FHM:

The festive season is right around the corner and it’s time to start looking great for the parties! Here are some tips to look your best for the fun-filled times ahead.

Start Now

It’s never too early to start grooming. There are facials and mani-pedis to get to, shopping for party wear to do. By now, it’s probably too late to consider a full-blown nose or eye job under the surgeon’s knife, but if you need the last minute quick fix, there’s always a nose or chin filler injection for the great chiseled look everyone envies.

Take Care of Your Skin

This is the season for letting your hair down — long parties, late nights and too much junk food are hard to avoid, but it doesn’t mean you should let the season’s fun take its toll on your skin and make you age twice as fast as you should. Catch up on your sleep when you can, drink lots of water, use skincare products that fight aging (such as the new Tiffiny’s Secret Age Defense serum) and the no-downtime laser skin rejuvenation at your friendly aesthetic doctor’s.

Relax and Have Fun

Last but not least, after you’ve done everything you need to do to look your best, forget the not-so-stellar moments of the past year, let go and have fun! You’ve never looked better than when you are the most confident and comfortable in your own skin, so go on and let that swag shine through.

clip art

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the dire truth about jaw cutting surgery

One of my favorite patients asked me about jaw cutting surgery today. She was interested to do it because she wanted to correct her cross bite. Her orthodontist have told her that she is not suitable for correction by braces alone and advised her to consider surgical correction. I’ve always known the high risks of such invasive surgery, but when she asked me for advice, I decided to read up more about it out of concern for her and the information I found was rather appalling. Understandably, she may actually need this kind of surgery to correct her cross bite and it could be her only solution, but it’s actually a rising fad in South Korea as a beauty treatment. That’s grossly understating the dangers of undergoing a procedure of such extent only to look better, without real medical need. Jaw surgery is a surgical procedure carried out to correct facial bone deformities in people who are unable to bite or chew properly, by realigning upper and lower jaws. It takes months to recover from such a procedure and carries 50% risk of complications such as facial numbness or even paralysis. Other potential complications include a skewed jaw, chronic jaw pain, misaligned bite and inability to chew or smile. For a previously healthy and well person who does not suffer any physical ailments until the surgery was done, this is debilitating. jaw cutting surgery in south korea This radical procedure is much more dramatic than minimally invasive procedures such as botox or filler injections – yet people with no real dental flaws are opting to go through it to achieve a small pretty face. There have been incidents of suicides after the surgery due unbearable complications and a significant reduction in quality of life. Deaths from the procedure itself due to excessive bleeding and suffocation are also not uncommon. You hear about it happening here and there but there has yet to be stricter controls for the advocation of such dangerous surgery for purely cosmetic purposes. jaw cutting surgery In my two cents’ worth, unless it is medically indicated for you, such as in maladjusted bite, the risks surely outweigh the benefits. There is nothing wrong if you desire a slimmer face in the name of beauty. Consider safer, less invasive ways to achieve it, such as with botox jaw slimming, chin filler augmentation or skin tightening treatments. Even liposuction for the face or mesotherapy may be better options than radical open jaw shaping surgery. Consult with your friendly aesthetic dr for further and better particulars if you need! :) clip art News articles for your reading pleasure:

A safer, less invasive way to achieve your desired slimmer face: Dr Tiffiny Yang’s V shape face treatment

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tyas clinic retreat 2014

Guess where we went for our clinic retreat this year? 4 days 3 nights in Tokyo, Japan! :) Jane and Lynette had an awesome great time indeed.


wpid-img-20141008-wa0010.jpg wpid-img-20141008-wa0021.jpg wpid-img-20141005-wa0009.jpgUnfortunately, I couldn’t join them this year because by the time we planned the trip, I was 4 months preggie. Alas! ><

Instead, I attended a charity gala dinner instead. It was a event held in efforts to kick sarcoma. In fact, that’s the title of the event. Sarcoma is a little known cancer that affects many people too, and it’s pretty debilitating because diagnosis of the cancer and subsequent treatment can potentially disable a person for life.

The dress theme was Arabian/Persian/Indian… anything silk. As my dress choices were pretty limited by now, so I went chiffon instead, matched with a scarf that was silk. (Scarf unfortunately not shown in the pic below!)


Pretty much rested for the rest of the time. Hope my staff girls enjoyed themselves thoroughly! We all need a break to refresh and recharge so we can continue to run our engines for a long time to come. As they always say, sometimes you gotta take a step back to take a leap forward! ;)

Cheers to all~


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check out this month’s issue of FHM!

tiffiny yang on fhm

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TYAS brochure and paperbag have a new look!

TYAS new look

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